Reel Motion


Dramatically change the way you duck hunt. 

Reel Motion is the first sound-activated decoy motion system. Your call activates the reel, and up to 10 decoys come alive. The motion is natural and life-like. Even the wariest of circling ducks cannot tell it's not real.  

Product Details:

  • Activated by the sound of your call
  • 10’ – 12’ of decoy motion travel
  • Sets-up in minutes
  • Operate up to 10 decoys simultaneously
  • 5 hours of run time with 8-10 decoys
  • Default motion every 15 seconds 100’ of draw line and pre-tied dynamic cord
  • Volume sensitivity control
  • Base plate and 24” stab kit elevates control box above the surface
  • Patent pending

In The Box: 

  • 1 Anchor 
  • 1 Control box charger 
  • 100' of draw line and pre-tied dynamic cord 
  • 1 Reel Motion sound-activated control box (battery included) 
  • 2 Stab kit rods and control box base plate (rods are 24" each)
Black ($179) or Camo ($199) Reel Motion Sound Activated Motion Decoy System 


"I wanted to give you guys props on this product. We are a month into our season. Our earlier ducks are gone and our final migration is a few weeks away, so it's the hard part of the season around here. This morning I was out with 20 other groups, all using spinning decoys, and I was the only one who got to shoot."

  • Pat W, Wisconsin 

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